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The Grand Opening for Our New Office is Just Around the Corner!

By Willis Dental | Nov 18, 2018

What a GREAT Summer we had at our Salem, Oregon dentistry, and we hope each of you had a wonderful summer as well!!! Even though some of us were still picking tomatoes and figs clear into November, it looks like our beautiful sunny summer weather has finally come to an end. The time has come…

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The Future of Oral Health Care is Here!

By Willis Dental | Jun 26, 2018

Dental technology has come a long way within a relatively short amount of time. The last two decades alone have seen the creation of digital x-rays and the use of laptops and tablets instead of paper files and plastic x-ray pictures. These advances have enabled Dr. Willis to diagnose the current state of our patients’…

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Your Guide to Dental Implants

By Willis Dental | Oct 16, 2017

As a Salem, Oregon cosmetic dentist, our team at Willis Dental wants patients to know that tooth loss isn’t the end of a great looking smile. Millions of people each year suffer from tooth loss in the U.S., due mostly to tooth decay, gum disease, or injury. For a long time, the only treatment options…

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Improve Your Sleep – Treating Sleep Deprivation

By Willis Dental | Jun 27, 2017

Do you have problems focusing at work or school? Do you typically wake up with a pounding headache? Do you often get sleepy during the afternoon no matter how much sleep you received the night before? If you answer yes to any of these questions, tell your Salem dentist. Dr. Willis can do more to…

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Three Steps Towards Better Oral Health

By Willis Dental | Mar 26, 2017

As a family dentist in Salem, OR, our team at Willis Dental remains committed to providing our patients with the best care possible. While it’s easy to think of your oral health as only relating to healthy teeth and gums, studies have found that our oral health can significantly impact our overall health as well.…

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Gingivitis and Periodontitis

By Willis Dental | Mar 8, 2017

As a practice we believe that a healthy mouth begins with preventive care and dental education. Gum disease, like gingivitis and periodontitis, must be treated in order to prevent inflammation and bacteria from spreading. We provide a thorough examination of your gums and teeth, as well as oral cancer screenings. Routine cleanings, brushing, flossing and…

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Dental Insurance Benefits 101

By Willis Dental | Feb 8, 2017

Insurance benefits can be so helpful and so frustrating at the same time. What is the difference between a PPO, EPO and HMO? What policy do I choose? What insurance plan does my doctor participate in? I will try to answer some of these concerns. A PPO is a Preferred Provider Organization. The Doctor has…

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Sleep Disorders

By Willis Dental | Mar 15, 2015

Did you know that 95% of sleep disorders are unidentified and undiagnosed? Sleep is critical for our learning, memory, children’s development, and our physical and mental wellbeing. Many physiologic consequences can result when we don’t get enough sleep. Sleep debt can cause weight gain, impaired motor function, and reduced wound healing among many other things.…

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Types of Gum Disease

By Willis Dental | Feb 15, 2015

Untreated gingivitis can advance to periodontitis and can eventually lead to tooth loss and other health problems. Gingivitis is the mildest form of periodontal disease. It causes the gums to become red, swollen, and bleed easily. There is usually little or no discomfort at this stage. Gingivitis is often caused by inadequate oral hygiene. Gingivitis…

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