Implants Can Make Wearing Dentures Snap

For patients missing all of their permanent teeth, dentures offer an affordable solution for restoring a smile back to health. While dentures offer patients a variety of advantages, the can also feature a few drawbacks that make dental implants in Salem an appealing option for many of Dr. Willis’ patients.

Let’s take a look at a few of the pros and cons when it comparing wearing full dentures to the use of dental implants.

Advantages of Wearing Full Dentures

For hundreds of years, patients with few, if any, remaining permanent teeth have turned to dentures to help restore their ability to eat, drink, and smile with confidence. The use of dentures has offered a lot of appeal for patients, and they include a few distinct advantages.

  • Affordability. Dentures offer an inexpensive option for the replacement of multiple teeth.
  • Improved ability to eat. Obviously, eating becomes far more difficult the fewer teeth a patient possesses. A set of quality, customized dentures will enable a patient to enjoy their favorite foods once again.
  • Easy to clean. Patients can simply remove their dentures overnight for cleaning and return them to their proper place the next morning.
  • Improved confidence. Having the ability to eat and drink like normal provides patients with an enormous confidence boost that’s hard to replace.

Disadvantages of Wearing Dentures

Of course, patients who wear full dentures have also encountered issues that can present a few challenges if not properly addressed by their dentist. These issues include:

  • Poor fit. When dentures don’t fit properly inside a patient’s mouth, they can occasionally slide or slip. This is an especially common issue in lower dentures.
  • Difficulty eating certain foods. Corn on the cob, nuts, and other hard foods can occasionally present some problems for patients who wear dentures.
  • Trouble adapting. Wearing dentures requires making some adjustments. While most patients can easily handle this change, others find the experience far more challenging than they initially think.

Dentures sill make a great option for patients needing to replace missing teeth. However, for some patients, dental implants in Salem make the better choice.

Dental Implants Provide an Effective Alternative

For patients unwilling to try dentures or who want to seek out an alternative, implant retained overdentures may offer the solution they’ve been seeking.

An overdenture, also called a “snap on denture” is a traditional denture that is connected to two or more dental implants. Implants are a replacement for tooth roots, they are anchored into the bones of the jaws. By connecting to implants, dentures become much more stable while still maintaining the ability to remove the denture at night for cleaning. For patients interested in getting dentures, or improving their existing dentures, dental implants are an excellent way to provide the most comfortable and stable dentures possible.

At Willis Dental we are proud to improve the lives of our Salem, Oregon dental patients by providing implant retained overdentures. If you have any questions about the best replacement option for your oral health, please feel free to ask Dr. Willis during your next appointment about dental implants in Salem.