We Remain Committed to Protecting the Health of Our Patients

At Willis Dental, a commitment to patient safety will always remain our top priority. As we now welcome back patients who need non-emergency dental care, Dr. Willis understands that many patients may have concerns regarding their health and wellbeing. In light of the current conditions created by the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve decided to take additional safety measures designed to help better protect our patients and staff.

Patients who now visit Willis Dental will notice the addition of a new safety device – the ADS Extraoral Suction System.   

Working to Protect Your Health

During some dental procedures, especially dental cleanings using ultrasonic cleaners, saliva can be spread through the air.  This process is called aerosolization. The purpose of the ADS Extraoral System is to suction aerosols out of the air, thereby preventing them from spreading to the surrounding areas.

As most of you know, the coronavirus spreads through the inhalation of respiratory droplets emitted into the air by those infected with the virus. By eliminating the distribution and spread of any droplets emitted from the mouths of patients,  we can create a safer environment for our patients. These safety devices will most often be used by our hygienists and during procedures with the Dr. Willis to prevent the aerosolization of any patient saliva.

We’ve also taken additional measures to help improve patients safety. We please ask that any patient who feels uncomfortable about returning to our office to see Dr. Willis give us a call. A member of our team will happily walk you through all of our new safety protocols and procedures.

Thank You for Your Support

We feel enormously grateful for all of our Salem, Oregon area patients who trust us each day to care for their oral health needs. From the team at Willis Dental, we want to thank everyone of you for staying with us during this difficult time. As we all continue to navigate these uncertain and confusing times, know that our team will always be here to provide you with the exceptional care you deserve.