The Future of Oral Health Care is Here!

Dental technology has come a long way within a relatively short amount of time. The last two decades alone have seen the creation of digital x-rays and the use of laptops and tablets instead of paper files and plastic x-ray pictures. These advances have enabled Dr. Willis to diagnose the current state of our patients’ health, while also guiding him in providing treatments and diagnosing any potential future problems.

Here at Willis Dental, your best choice for a Salem dentist, we stay ahead of the curve when keeping up-to-date with changing dental technology. Dr. Willis and our staff at Willis Dental are proud to bring our patients along with us in the use of the best cutting-edge technology the digital age has to offer. It’s through technology like our 3M True Definition Scanner, which makes diagnosing and treating our patients even more accurate and efficient, that we continue to provide our patients with the best dental care Salem has to offer. 

A Sign of the Changing Times

The latest advances in dental technology are bringing the use of 3D scanners into doctors’ offices and testing laboratories. In the past, patients had to sit while getting their dental impressions molded from silicone and fight through the intrusive x-ray procedures by biting down on plastic guards. Visiting the dentist will no longer be a source of anxiety or stress for our patients as we bridge the gap between the past and the future for oral health care technology.

The latest in digital scanning technology now allows us to take three dimensional pictures of the teeth and gums, creating a full image impression with our 3M True Definition Scanner. This enables us to quickly provide customized treatment plans for our patients and provide a better way for us to perform wisdom tooth extractions, put in dental implants in Salem, and fit dentures. The information we get from this technology also makes it possible for us to better diagnose dental problems, as we get a much clearer picture of our patients teeth and gums with digital scanning technology.

The Wave of the Future…

The use of materials to make dental impressions is also making waves within the future of dental technology, as advances in 3D printing has also come a long way. Some dental labs are taking this technology, most commonly found within the use of manufacturing industries, and using it to test carbon resin materials for aiding in surgical guides and for taking patients’ dental impressions.

Dentists and oral surgeons can now easily transfer the images taken directly from the three-dimensional images and send them over to specialists and laboratories for further treatment planning and using them to make necessary impressions and dental models. The cost of using 3D printers and scanners to create more accurate images and dental impressions might actually be less in the near future. Many labs are currently testing new forms of carbon resin impressions that are cheaper and create less waste. 

Your Salem Dentist Can Help Take You into the Future of Dental Care!

Dr. Willis and our team can help make your visits to our office as quick and efficient as possible, but with the care and comfort you deserve. We are the best Salem has to offer for dental care, serving the Pacific Northwest with everything from sleep apnea to mouth guards, teeth grinding, and of course preventative, restorative and cosmetic care for the entire family. We can also help you cut down the cost of visits by offering $1.00 dental exams and x-ray’s, which includes full and comprehensive care and personalized treatment planning with our dentists.