The Modern Dental Patient

Anyone who has recently visited Willis Dental has seen firsthand just how rapidly dental technology continues to advance. We have a three dimensional X-ray machine, take-home sleep monitors, digital scanners for impressions, and TV monitors mounted on the ceiling for your viewing pleasure.  The dental world continues to evolve, and at Willis Dental we remain committed to staying educated and providing the best technology for the exceptional care of our patients.

However, it’s not only the equipment that’s changing – the dental patient is also advancing.

The Role of the Modern Dental Patient

The modern dental patient has more information available to them than ever before. Thanks to the power of the internet, patients have a better understanding of their individual oral health needs. This enables them to ask great questions, and to show an increased interest in helping to plan their treatment.

Gone are the days where the doctor walks in, declares what treatment they plan on providing the patient, before simply walking out of the room. At Willis Dental, our role is to diagnose, educate, and provide options, while the role of the patient is to decide what treatment is best for them. In today’s dental world, there are many ways to fix a cavity, several different types of crowns, and at least three ways to replace a missing tooth. We happily discuss all of these options and work with the patient to determine what treatment option will best meet their individual oral health needs.

Meeting the Needs of New Patients

At Willis Dental, we take digital X-rays and photographs of all new patients. We then use these images to take patients on a visual tour of their oral health. Together, we co-discover with patients what their current oral health requires, and what the future may hold. As each patient discovers their dental needs and treatment options, Dr. Willis and Dr. Nelson provide recommendations on how best to ensure a great-looking smile for a lifetime.

Dr. Willis and Dr. Nelson make treatment recommendations to our patients as if they are family members. We work under the goal of ensuring that all of our patients feel that they are in a partnership with our doctors and staff to achieve the smile and optimum oral health they desire.

Your oral health matters. Not only does a healthy, great-looking smile help to improve your self-esteem, it also works to safeguard your overall health. When patients experience common oral health problems like tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss, they increase their risk for a number of chronic health problems that include heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, dementia, and cancer. Lowering your risk for these type of health problems requires that you make your oral health a top priority, now and into the future.

At Willis Dental, we’re here to help by providing the latest and most advanced dental care possible. Know that when you schedule an appointment with. Drs. Willis and Nelson, your oral health is in the best hands possible. That’s the Willis Dental difference.