New Laser Technology

For you tech junkies we just added some new COOL technology at the office. I’ve wanted to get a laser for several years now but was unsure of which technology to go with so I decided to attend a recent course on lasers. As a result we purchased a Discus NV microlaser. We are excited at some of the new things we can offer to you as our patients.

We have treated several patients already for sensitive teeth. We have had remarkable success addressing those sensitive areas. We also can treat cold sores and canker sores before they get out of control. As soon as you feel the onset of a cold sore we simply have you into the office and run the laser over the area for 1-2 minutes. The procedure requires no anesthetic, is painless, and reduces or eliminates considerably the discomfort and time of healing associated with the sore.

We also are able now to provide you with some exciting new treatment methods for periodontal care. Studies are showing healing in deeper pockets that we never thought was possible several years ago. We also are able to “sterilize” pockets with the laser to help in providing the best environment for healthy gum tissue. We also are able to do some minor surgical procedures now with little to no post operative discomfort.

We are grateful to each of you for the trust you place in our staff to provide for your dental health. We feel like this addition to our practice will allow us to continue to serve you with the most up to date technology and the highest quality of care. Feel free to give us a call if you have questions regarding any of these new treatments.

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