Custom-Made Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards

Whether involved in high school sports, a pickup game enthusiast, or a professional athlete, wearing a custom-made mouth guard is vital for protecting your long-term oral health. Facial trauma while playing sports can cause lasting damage when a tooth becomes chipped, cracked, or even knocked out. Wearing a custom-made mouth guard from Willis Dental can help to protect the health of your smile from any accidents that may happen out on the court or field.

More importantly, a growing amount of research now suggests that the improved stability a custom mouth guard provides to the wearer’s lower jaw and base of the skull can help protect them during impact. As a result, the head and neck can better tolerate being hit without injury, thereby reducing the risk for concussion.

Custom mouth guards also offer improved comfort, better fit, and lasting durability when compared to over-the-counter brands. Don’t take a risk with your oral health, schedule an appointment today at Willis Dental to get fitted for a custom-made mouth guard.

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