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At Willis Dental, we strive to provide our patients with only the best dental care possible. This commitment to excellence carries over to everything that we do. But don't take our word for it. We invite you to see what our patients have to say about the Willis Dental difference.

  • "Willis Dental is amazing! I see Dr. Nelson and he is so sweet and makes me feel very comfortable. I’m a huge dentist-chicken. They do a great job putting me at ease. All their staff is super sweet! They remember us when we go too, no one does that anymore."
    Cami Cornwell
  • "My husband has been going to Willis Dental for more then a decade. We now have three children who go as well as myself. They are truly amazing folks and have been so patient with one of my children who very much struggles in social environments. We couldn’t be happier with them!"
    Alysha Condit
  • "Everyone is really friendly and patient here. I have a tiny mouth and very sensative gag reflex, so I get very anxious going to dentists. However, the staff here has been super courteous and flexible, doing their best to make sure I feel as comfortable as possible during my appointment."
    Sniper Blue
  • "I always get giddy when they send me the reminder for my bi-annual mouth massage, that's truly what it feels like to me! EVERYONE is super friendly and welcoming and accommodating. I've not had any serious dental work done beyond fixing up an old filling, but I *wouldn't hesitate* to trust these guys and ladies to make it happen. The office space is super clean and modern and not as "dentist-y" like the days of yore.
    Nothing to fear here my peeps! They'll treat you well and send you off with a happy mouth and good vibes. Trust this random stranger on the internets, you won't be disappointed!"
    Pea McNutty
  • "I have gone to Willis Dental two times now, and I have been SO impressed with their service. They offer appointment times that work with my schedule and they have a no-shame approach to dentistry that is remarkably refreshing. Their staff is patient and friendly. The office is conveniently located near downtown and shopping, so it's easy to go from the dentist to your next errand or back to your office.
    If you are looking for a new dentist, this is the one to go to."
    Brianne Moodie
  • "Dr. Willis and his team are amazing. I won't go anywhere else."
    KatieLee Whitaker
  • "The staff are extremely courteous and friendly. The facility is very clean and inviting. It's a great dental office full of great people."
    Jimmy Wilder
  • "Absolutely love this Dentistry & the all the staff there! They are all so courteous & make you feel so comfortable, they genuinely care about your smile!! Super nice facility, very sterile. I’ve been going to Ally for my teeth cleanings for years now, she is the best & I adore her. I used to be a pt at State Street Dental & it received awful care so I appreciate my new Dr for being genuine."
    Jasmine Backer
  • "I think this is the best dental office ever! The Whole Team are so kind, friendly, listens, is very careful, and does an excellent job! Very, very clean office and new. Dr. Nelson and Dr. Willis are amazing dentists and the whole team is amazing too. And at my recent cleaning, the hygienist was super nice and cleaned my teeth so well my husband even noticed how white my teeth were! Thanks Svet! My husband was very impressed by every one and everything too, which is a lot for him to say. Thanks Willis Dental! -Lexie"
    Foxy Bat
  • "The staff and provider here are so amazingly professional and nice! I truly appreciate entering and knowing that everyone there is experienced and knows what they should be doing!"
    A Garcia
  • "I had an excellent experience at Willis dental yesterday. I know, at a dentist? But seriously, the staff was friendly, courteous, and competent, and I did not have to wait in the lounge at all. Dr. Willis himself was very friendly and upbeat and promptly performed a minor repair of a tooth I had been neglecting. He also corrected an annoying issue on a tooth/gum line that had become sensitive. I am grateful for receiving professional dentistry at a very reasonable price."
    jerry chetock
  • "Dr. Willis & Co. are phenomenal in every way. My family has been seeing him for about 10 years and only had positive experiences. I always walk away happy & grateful. Two thumbs up 👍"
    Rick W. - Monmouth, Or
  • "My experience with Willis Dental has been Amazing!!!!! Dr. Nelson truly is the Best dentist anyone would want to have to take care of their dental needs. He knows what he is doing and is very patient and gentle. I recommend him and his Dental Clinic to anyone who is looking for the best dental care in Salem."
    Stephen Murphy

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