Summer Fun

Just returned from a family vacation/reunion. We had a great time on the lake. The kids enjoyed spending time with cousins and grandparents. We had an opportunity to go out and waterski for a day, so I couldn’t resist throwing on a ski and showing the kids what dad could do!!! Well unfortunately my body didn’t show up for the entertainment. I did get up and skied a little until the waves were too much and down I went. I thought maybe I’d give it another shot but in the process I realized things weren’t quite right with my back. Apparently the muscles that use to work quite nicely thank you very much aren’t quite what they use to be. I spent the rest of the trip moaning and groaning, asking the kids to “pick up my shoes”, “will you put my socks on” etc, and popping ibuprofen by the bottle. Needless to say I have decided to put up the slalom ski for good. I guess I need to find a new, more leisurely water sport to fill the summer time. If there are any sugestions let me know. Isn’t it fun to get older. Hope you all are having a great summer.

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