Summer in Arizona

Shannon and I just returned from a very HOT Arizona. I have had my eye on a great continuing education course down there and finally the stars lined up for us to get down to it. It was a great course dealing with developing beautiful smiles.

We were absolutely enthralled with all the things to do down in the Scottsdale and Sedona areas but realized it was simply too hot to do anything that was not indoors. So I happily went to class while Shannon found relief in the large shopping malls of Scottsdale. Now I know why all you snowbirds go in the winter and come home in the spring!

We found several things that we would like to go back and do when it is a little cooler. I think we will try timing for the next course during the cooler months so we can get out and do a little more. We hope you all had a wonderful summer and wish you students good luck with the new school year. Have a great Day!!!

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