Dental Implant process

According to the CDC at nearly 70% of adults 35-45 are missing at least one permanent tooth, its no wonder that dental implants have become so popular.  However, the process and language involved can be a bit confusing.  We have decided to devote several blog posts to provide clarification into the process.  

A dental implant is a titanium post surgically placed into the bone that replaces the root of a tooth.  A white porcelain crown will then be either cemented or screwed onto the implant. 

The first step is to decide if dental implants are possible, health limitations are considered as well as available bone to hold a dental implant.  At Willis dental we have a cone beam scanning machine that will make a 3D image of a patient's jaws and show if their bone is healthy and appropriate for a dental implant.  If bone is adequate then planning the implant surgery will begin.

In future blog posts we will discuss implants surgery, crown placement, and cosmetic dental options.  At Willis dental we love providing dental implants in Salem, Oregon.  

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