Implant planning and preparation

At Willis dental we are passionate about saving teeth, however there are a few situations when saving a tooth is not possible.  The picture above shows a lower molar with a root fracture(notice the dark line around the root on the right side of the image), unfortunately this tooth is hopeless.  

After discussing all treatment options with the patient she elected to have a dental implant to replace this damaged tooth.  Sometimes we will extract a tooth and immediately place an implant in its spot, however most of the time we elect to extract the tooth and place a bone graft and wait for proper healing.  This will provide very ideal bone to place the dental implant.  

After removal of the tooth the sight was grafted with bone, this process involves placing a particulate bone material into the socket where the tooth was removed.  This will allow the body to form new bone, and most importantly limit the amount of bone lost.  After bone grafting we wait until healing is complete. 

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Next time: CBCT, also known as a 3d Xray.

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